I'm so confuse about the signs.... Does he likes me?

OK how can you tell if a guy likes you? They give you signs right? so can you tell me tell me if he likes me are not with all these signs below:

*He walks me home

*he looks/stares at me for long period of time/r sometimes when I'm not looking, he took a peek at me

*When he's sitting in front of me he always leans towards at me, foots toward my way

*his shoulder leans toward mine when he talks to me

*he sits very close to me and have his arms behind my back

*he helps me carried stuff are do any favors

*he keep asking me "what kind of guy I like?"

*he always makes me laugh when I'm down

*he calls me from time to time to ask what I'm up to

*he asks for my opinion and suggestion for certain tuff

*he remembers the stuff I say weeks ago

*he likes to joke around with me/n pick on me (not in a mean way)

*he tells me things that no one knows(ex. his secrets, are his childhood)

*ok this is the extra one: last time we went out, we both got a ticket and we have to go to court right, and he ask to go together and go in the court together as well lol I'm not sure does it count but ya...

So ya there you go, is all the signs I can think of it so far please tell me was it my imagination that he likes me are is there really something there...
I'm so confuse about the signs.... Does he likes me?
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