Is he nervous, or just not interested? Girls and Guys: Everyone's input welcome

The guy I like is really getting under my skin lately. For the whole time I've liked him, I've been really bad about flirting because I'm shy, so I got sick of it and I started making a conscious effort to talk to him.

The Problem? Every time I seem to have a conversation with this guy lately, he seems to get weird or awkward and sort of slink off to class or wherever. Normally I would be like "Alright, he doesn't like me" but he's the one starting most of these conversations. He comes up to me to talk to me, or start a conversation and after about 2 minutes he gets weird and starts leaving. And what p*sses me off is that he an talk to everyone else at length like it's no big deal. What the hell did I do? We've known each other forever and you can't hold a five minute conversation with me all of the sudden? This wasn't a problem before, and now all of the sudden he got all awkward.

On the other hand, I can't really tell if he's just nervous. I don't understand why I would make him nervous since we're childhood friends. I'm probably the last person anyone would consider intimidating. I don't know how to make him comfortable around me if he is, because I already try to be relaxed around him...

If he didn't like me, why the hell would he keep initiating conversation with me. We're not friends to the point where he would feel bad if we didn't talk anymore. We drifted apart and just recently started talking so if he wanted to stop talking, it wouldn't be serious. And he's always finding stupid excuses to talk to me to. Like, he'll ask me the time of an event even though we all got e-mails, they made several announcements, all his friends were going and he could ask them, and his teacher told him.

I don't understand what his problem is and I would really like some help. Anybody's opinion is appreciated. Thank you

And sorry this was angry/ranty but I'm p*ssed off a little (hehe)


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  • sounds like he has a crush on you and he is afraid to let you know. he gets nervous around you after so long thinking you can tell.he is probably afraid you don't feel the same.