He says he wants to be friends

Me and this guy have been talking for a couple weeks. He calls me everyday. He has also confided in me about some things from his past and dreams for the future. We have a lot in common. He also has told me I am pretty, smart, and talented. Then after we've been talking awhile he says we are going to be good friend, say he wants us to be friends. If he just wants to be friends why does he call everyday and sometimes twice a day. What's the deal we talk for hours, do you think he really wants friendship?


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  • this is a hard one as you have only been talking for a couple of weeks what you need to do is work out what it is you want from him do you wanna be just friends are do you want more from him?

    ask him what it is he wants from you now before feelings develop and someone get's hurt

    • I have already expressed I'm looking for more. He says he just wants to be friends. I guess I'm just confused because who calls a friend everyday just to talk. Its very different and I guess I feel he wants more otherwise why pursue me like this?

    • I have male friends that I talk to 2 3 times a day and it doesn't mean anything on his part are mine some men are different I guess and I can understand you being confused.