I told him how I feel and he disappeared. What's on his mind?

I dated this guy for a little over a month. Great dates so far, told me he likes me a lot & thinks I'm out of his league. One night he was drunk he said he thinks he should be more sweet to me, I deserve better & shouldn't settle. He talked about going away for a weekend. I can honestly say that no man I have dated so far has made me feel like a queen the way he does.

The problem is that some days he's so sweet & loving but some days he's very distant. We had 3 dates within the first 2 weeks & that's it. I don't blame him because one weekend I was out of town & the next week he was. Even though he was out on vacation ( Bachelor party) he texted me everyday, almost all day. He was almost always the one to initiate the texts. Even if a conversation would end, he would message me after a few minutes and start again. Some days he would text a lot & some days he would just ask how my day is going & keep it minimal which is fine. Even when he goes out with friends he texts me all the time.

He asked to see me on Wed or Thurs. I said yes but after He came back he got very distant. I texted him "have a safe flight, see u soon". He said he can't wait to see me. I texted him later asking if he landed & he didn't respond. He texted me Wed just to say hi & didn't ask to meet. Thurs I texted him if he wanted to meet & he said he's stuck at work till 9. He suggested Sunday instead.

I told him I want to see him more often but didn't know if he felt the same. He said he wants to spend more time with me but it's been quite hectic with the traveling, work & the wedding coming up. I told him I understood & he should tell me these things. He said he understands & will do better. I left it alone then but that night I got a little drunk & ended up sending him a long text about him being hot & cold & that I understand his situation but I need him to make an effort to see me more. I also said he gives me mixed signals & that he can't tell me how much he likes me & then not treat me that way. I told him not to respond right away & think about what he wants. And that if he wants to see me he needs to keep his word. I didn't ask for commitment. But If he asks me if I'm free to hang out, I expect him to ask me out or let me know if he can't see me. Now, he hasn't texted me back. We decided to meet up Sunday before I had texted him. This was Thursday night & today is Sunday afternoon I really do like this guy. I don't know what to do now.
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@LibraPisces66 Can I get your advice on this one?
I told him how I feel and he disappeared. What's on his mind?
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