Is it normal for guys to start making sexual innuendos early on?

I think no, but I am running into a lot of men like this. I just started online dating recently and have talked to a couple of people and they always start talking sexually. If not initially, the conversations are filled with innuendos. I met this one guy who I thought was really nice, but then he started texting me telling me how he likes lingerie and how he likes kissing a woman on the back etc. It really freaked me out. So far, I'd say MOST of these guys are like this. I met another man last week who looked very diff. from his picks so that was a huge bomber, but whenever we have texted he talks about spanking me and makes innuendos about cuddling in his bed. He is about my age. I am just wondering if this is typical and how do I find better men.

Just today this guy who I texted asked to come over to watch a movie. I told him no and I told him I was busy and was gonna go shower and he made an innuendo about that. Should I just cut these jerks off? LOL They are all in their mid to late 20's. The sad part is that I cannot even have them as "friends" because they are going to try to push things further. Ugh.
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The more I deny them and tell them it's never going to happen, the more they pursue.
Is it normal for guys to start making sexual innuendos early on?
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