Extreme attraction to a guy I've never spoken to, does it seem like he might also be attracted to me?

There's a guy in my school who's a grade younger than I am (it's not that big of a deal because I'm very young for my grade and he's old for his. I'm less than a month older than him.) And I can't remember exactly when but at some point in the beginning of the year I started to notice him in the hallways all the time. This progressed and because of our schedules I passed him numerous times each day, and he was also in my lunch period. I would somtimes glance at him when I passed him in the hallway, not all the time and roughly 1/3 of the time I would look over he would be looking back. It would last longer than eye contact with a normal stranger would and it always seemed really intense. We have the same same lunch period as well and everyday I would walk past his table, and occasionally I would glance over but it was always the same deal of a couple of his friends staring at me, while he just looks like he's distracted with his friends. Over time I've grown really curious and attracted to him, but I just don't know if I'm the only one that's noticed a kind of tension between us. Since he is a grade below I don't share any classes with him and he seems so be pretty shy because he's either alone in the halls or with his same small group of friends. I also can't just go up to him and chat him up because I'm also shy, and we're in completely different social groups (he's not at all that popular but not neccasarilly a nerd, just kind of invisible to most people. I'm not among the MOST popular but I'm still up there) o it's not like we have mutual friends and I don't think a person in his situation would feel comfortable with approaching me because I might think I'm better than him or something. I just don't know if I'm going crazy and working myself up or if there could possibly be a mutual attraction between us. I need a guys opinion of whether he seems interested because I dont know how guys behavior is in these situations. feel free to ask further questions
Extreme attraction to a guy I've never spoken to, does it seem like he might also be attracted to me?
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