Am I addicted to talking to girls online because I can't talk to them in real life?

For years now I've been really into talking to people online, not just girls, but lately, I realized that my friends online tend to have a bigger number of girls while it's the other way around in with my non-online friends, granted the few romantic relationships I have had were all online and long distance (most of which I was lied to and/or used), but now I'm genuinely worried I do it so much because I'm too shy to talk to girls in person. Growing up, I happened to like a girl or 2 at school, but I never got the courage to talk to them, I always literally shivered at the thought, my legs would feel heaven I could feel my heart racing, now I'm 20, just finished my first year of college and yet I'm still shy around girls to talk to them face to face, granted I do sometimes but it's usually when I'm not interested in them, which itself is a problem cause I'm so used to talking to girls from different countries than here, the mentality is different, but when I do happen to talk to someone I'm interested to, I can feel tense again and I stutter and just say enough words to escape the situation. I'm not scared of dying alone, everyone's bound to end up with someone, but I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to end up with my someone if I tend to almost "Escape" from girls I like.

Online I'm much more "confident", flirting is easier, I say and do things I'd never do in real life, I'm more open about my fantasies, and I think that's the problem, I think I'm too addicted to fullfilling those fantasies.

Guys, how do you overcome shyness and sound confident without sounding controlling or egotistic?
Girls, how do you think I should try to use my shyness to my advantage?
Am I addicted to talking to girls online because I can't talk to them in real life?
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