Am I dating material for him?? What does it mean when a guy says "you're nice."

I like this guy who said he wants to hangout with me... I've known him for awhile and so I asked him why? He said because your nice. What does that mean I'm friends material because he said hangout and nice or am I reading to much into it? What do guys mean when they say your nice lol?



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  • Reading too much into it. Obviously there's *some* kind of interest on his part or he wouldn't want to hang out with you at all. His behavior on the hang-out will tell you if it's "just friends" or something more

    I might very well say that to a girl I'm crazy attracted to--I'll just say it if that's the word that comes to mind and I feel like saying it. But if I weren't attracted to her I wouldn't start complimenting her in those ways, because I wouldn't want to lead her on. Hope this helps : )

  • I think he has some interest, but is just shy about saying so, if it had been you who asked him whether you were his type and he said "you're nice" than I would say he isn't interested, but it appears he does like you. You may need to give him some signs if you want him to make bolder moves.


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