What kind of girl would you prefer?

a cute girls who is a little bit shy when it comes to flirting with a guy. she hasn't gotten around. probably hasn't even had her first kiss. she is smart, sometimes she comes off as a book worm. she enjoys a night in and likes to wear comfy clothes vs super trendy. she loves dogs. eats healthy but still loves a good burger and enjoys running and going to the gym. loves to run. parties are a rare occasion, she usually prefers a night with close friends.


a sexy girl who knows how to make all the guys in school run after her. she has lots of good friends...everyone wants to be her friend. any day is good for heels and a sexy top. she loves going out, it would be to boring staying in and wearing sweats when she could go out and catch some attention. she is witty and knows how to get her way,but not necessarily smart. she is a cat person. she's a vegetarian and doesn't need to workout. and parties are her thing, but she's not the type to be in the bathroom throwing up and not remembering what happened

they're looks could be compared to jessica alba vs megan fox (but lets stick to personality for choosing)

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haha thanks. this is just sort of my personality split in two, curious to know which side to flaunt? more.
What kind of girl would you prefer?
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