Ladies am I over reacting? Would you find it disrespectful? Fellas your take on this please?

I have been seeing this guy for 7 months. He is a facebook junkie. I can go almost all day without hearing from him, but he will be on facebook SMH. Now I understand a man will be a man, he is going to find other women attractive, that's understood. I know he is going to like pictures on facebook, as will I. But when I have pictures of a female half naked laying in the bed in her bra, or at the lake in wet see through out fits not a swimming suit that he has commented on and liked coming up in my news feed on facebook that bothers me. I'm not sure what his relationship is or was to her. I have talked to him about this the first time it happened. I feel this shows a lack of respect for your partner and their feelings and a lack of respect for the relationship. Its one thing to like it, but to put it out there for me and everyone else who knows we are together to see, shows a lack of respect for me and the relationship. This makes me feel as though his interest lies elsewhere, letting me, her and others know this is what he likes. It also shows that he does still have a lot of lust in him. To continue doing this after knowing how I feel says a lot. If its a star or model fine, but someone you had a past with is just unacceptable and shows you are letting her know you still feeling her. When in a relationship you will find others that are attractive, but you should only have eyes for your partner. My gut is telling me something isn't right, be careful. Ladies how would you feel? Is it disrespectful? am I over reacting? am I reading too much into it? I have never been insecure, but the way he moves makes me feel this way and he does nothing to reassure me. Advice please
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Well I just talked to him about this, found out the girl in the pics is an ex which is very unacceptable. He still doesn't see why i have a problem with it, saying it was classy and provocative. Why like a pic of an ex like that knowing your current girlfriend can see it? I don't get why he doesn't understand why i have a problem with it. why arouse jealousy in your relationship smh... Now it makes sense why he likes every pic she posts...
Ladies am I over reacting? Would you find it disrespectful? Fellas your take on this please?
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