He hasn't talked to me in two weeks?

I'm so pissed at him? And I can't drop my way too high ego to reach out for him. During our time of dating he has always been the one who does all the work and reaches out first, I guess I've been a little emotionally unavailable by holding back so much. He wants me to start texting first sometimes he even said he won't do it unless I do it but broke that "promise" anyway. Well it's been four months and after I slept with him I thought he was gonna disappear but he texted me saying that he wants to hear from me. He says I've reached out for him like three times? I did reach out for him and he starts overly flirting with me, I'm so confused!! Last time I saw him which was two weeks ago he said in person that he never hear from me and since then we haven't talked at all. So he has definitely shown more interest than I have but his behavior is confusing as fuck. I see him posting things he's doing and he seems to be having a great time and I just feel like hello what about me? I even considered deleting him but I don't know if I'm overreacting. I like him and want to be with him so how come he hasn't reached out for me at all? I want to talk to him but I'm angry.
He hasn't talked to me in two weeks?
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