Why would he be mad or care if he has a girlfriend now?

I was dressed in these nice heels (because i felt like dressing up to feel better) and he thought it was nice and we made out. I told him i didn't want to take it further when he asked if i would give him head , I said I didn't do that (not in a place in my life to be that intimate) and he said that if there wasn't anything else then i could go and I told him good bye and left... After he was mean and dismissive and not much of a friend or anything and i just told him not to talk to me because there doesn't seem to be a point (I was hurting too)

So now school has started and I wore those heels only because it was raining and he actually looked pissed off at me. His friend was checking me out, and he dostracted him from looking sort of. he even glanced at me angrily when he was walking with this girl. His girlfriend (who i didn't know) was a mean to me out of no where when i was nice to her but kept trying to sit next to me... I had no idea who she was (I guess he started dating her soon after) but I dont understand his behaviour. Not like he wanted to date me or anything or tried to get to know me.
In fact i gave him opportunites to ahng out with me where he didn't have to pay but he just said he wanted me to do well in school and stuff and wanted to keep talking to me and saying hi to me... wtf
He's that mad that he didn't screw you
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He liked you, but not enough to date tyou and is that mad you didn't give him head
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HHe doesn't want anyone else to screw you because he didn't
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he's a jerk who is jealouse but doesn't even want to date you
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+1 y
Oh and I haven't talked to him for almost a year now! why does he care and why is his girlfriend after me its so umcomfortable!
+1 y
Wow but is it that serious? I haven't had sex with anyone, its freaking scary how this thought didn't occur to him and he wouldn't care to ask. Men, is it that serious?
Why would he be mad or care if he has a girlfriend now?
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