Does my ex still love me?

Right now I'm a senior in Highschool. My last real relationship was with this guy my freshman year. So it's been a few years. When I met him freshman year it was as soon as I started to drink. I actually met him blackout drunk, and only remember the part were I saw him walking and went up to him and said "Omg are you ****?" .. he was a popular kid in the school who threw a lot of parties, hence why I acted like he was famous haha. Well that started it all. We started hanging out for a couple weeks, and one day he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes. I got to know him. I was his first girlfriend, although he was known to be a man whore. He just never had a serious relationship until me.

There were a few problems. He was a drug addict.. that never bothered me because I didn't realize how drugs could affect someone so negatively, and I was falling in love. Everything was all fun and games in the beginning. Taking his bus home everyday after school, listening to him play guitar, smoking weed with him, getting drunk and having fun, the sex, the way he introduced me to all his friends. Getting to know him. Although I was shy, I remember being able to talk to him and really connecting with him. He got really deep with me. He's a depressed kid, and he opened up to me about it. Always calling me up late just to hear my voice because he was so upset, talking to me about killing himself.. he had a feeling that i was always depressed too but i never talked about it.. but anyway, me and him would hangout and get fucked up with our friends every weekend. Hell yeah we had fun,
... but it became a problem. I broke his heart. Or so I believe, and so he will say. I got blackout drunk and fucked two of his bestfriends. After that we were always fighting when I would drink. One night I even hit him. I would always wake up and not remember. We still would end up hanging at the same house because my bestfriends were twins and had a brother he was friends.

But that's only a bit of our history, but I don't want to write a whole novel here. So basically, this ex boyfriend of mine had a girlfriend two summers ago, which he cheated on her with me, and currently has a girlfriend since this summer, and secretely has sex with me, and tells me he still loves me even though he loves his current girlfriend, does he really still love me? or is he just using me for sex? Should I come flat out and tell him that I can't keep doing this since I still love him?
Does my ex still love me?
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