He's a player, but I'm in denial about it?

My best guy friend and I have been tight at school for about two years. We hang out frequently at each others' places and party together. I thought our relationship would be completely platonic, until a few months ago, I discovered I had a major crush on him. He had a girlfriend, who he claimed he was in an open relationship with, so I knew he was hands-off. I never acted on any urges.

One night of drinking alone together , however, led to oral sex and now the dynamics have changed, of course. He told me I was beautiful during the act and that he assumed I would never give him a chance. Most likely, I knew he was saying this stuff because I was a naked body in bed with him.

I felt so bad about it afterward, the next morning, because I am not a home wrecker by any means. I told him, we shouldn't be friends and I wanted him to let me go. Somewhere in the process, I blurted out that I liked him and wanted him to say he could never like me more than a friend. It was a little dramatic and probably immature.

He said he couldn't do that because he liked me as more than a friend. I had no response to this. The evening ended as though we were still friends.

Two weeks later, we had oral sex again, sober. I willingly gave in to hormones. However, he never asked me to service him. I told him I couldn't be more intimate with him because I wanted to be in love first. He said he didn't need the sex part. I thought it was complete nonsense and he was trying to be nice. He asked me what I wanted and I said a relationship, and he said okay. He was still with his girlfriend at the time.

I tried to end things again, but both of us were crying. He asked me three times to be in a relationship with him. I asked about what he would do with his girlfriend, he said don't worry about it. Should be an obvious sign that he was willing to have me as the "other woman." He had the gall to also mention that he had never been rejected before, he told me had been with 11 women, which was really immature.

He's been calling and texting often to see how I am and I am letting myself be duped.

My feelings are twisted for him. I consider myself bright and I don't know why I am falling into a weird trap of manipulation. I've never been intimate with anyone before and I'm technically a virgin because I have never had intercourse. Is this guy honest?

I've read many times that if you are second guessing yourself, you should always go with your gut instinct.

He's a player, but I'm in denial about it?
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