Keeping tabs on my boyfriend! I need some advice?

Okay, so I'm in need of some good advice. A while ago I figured out how to see anything my boyfriend googles or youtubes on his phone from my computer without him knowing. So the first time I went on I was honestly shocked. He was looking at girls online! I never thought he would do that, but apparently he's been doing it for some time. He's mostly been looking at girls butts (lol) but it makes me feel sad... like I'm not good enough. So I sended him a few pics of my butt while he was at work and he loved it! I noticed he didn't look at any girls online for over a week... until today. Today I went on to check and he was googling pics of girls butts!! WTF he has pics of mine... is that not good enough? Ugh, I don't know what to do. I KNOW he would be pissed if I was looking at other guys online. HELP!!!
Keeping tabs on my boyfriend! I need some advice?
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