How do you know if a man likes you or is just being nice?

There is a man who is a patron where I work. He comes in a few times a week. After he is finished and is getting ready to leave he always makes a point to come up and talk to me a while before he leaves. Usually it's just general conversation about what's going on in his life and in mine and in the news and all, but sometimes he makes little comments that make me wonder if he is just being nice or if he likes me. He knows I have a boyfriend too. But sometimes he makes little comments like he will jokingly tease me or say things like how nice the people that work here are, but I'll be the only one here (others will be at lunch or gone home). One time he said when he was leaving that he hoped I had a nice weekend and got plenty of rest and relaxation and one time he said I was photogenic and he told me once that I seem to know a lot about a lot of different topics. If someone else is working and not me then he sometimes asks them where I am. So, my question is how do you tell when I a man is just being nice versus when he likes you? I mean he could just be friendly and be like that to everybody.

Maybe I should add that they place I work also has place with computers the public can use. That's what he does when he comes in.


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  • In general, most men don't make it a point to somebody's workplace, make conversation with a woman, just because they want to socialize. Otherwise you would see all coffee shops/restaurant fill with men talking to the female workers there. Men only do such things whenever they like that woman. Sure, I've met one guy that is very friendly to people, but he doesn't go about inquiring where such and such is; he just talks to anybody; in this case, you say this person specifically asks for you, so that's more than enough proof that he is just not being nice, but rather, he likes you.


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