Do girls sleep with guy friends soon after breakup with boyfriend?

I dated her for 2 years, she lived with me the last 18 months of it, loved each other. The last 6 months was a lot of arguments. I broke up with her, 2 days later I was in her old room to take back what I said.

Whoa now. She had a guy friend over just the night before, drank and had sex. She says she was very drunk and depressed. She claims she didn't want to sleep with him, she claims he was very forceful which was "a shock since he was always so nice." She claimed to just "let it happen."

She knew he liked her a lot and wanted a relationship with her, but she always still kept him as a friend. Now after this "forceful sex" she's still friends with him.

Is she at fault for keeping a guy like this as a friend?

How many of you girls sleep with guy friends during breakups with a man you love? And how soon after?

I took her back, but it's as if she cheated on me even though I did "officially" end it for 2 days. OMG I'm going nuts.

Alright, forget the dude, and the "forced" bulls**t. She opened her legs the night after the break up, after living with me 18 months. Does anyone understand, either side of the story? I can't get past it, I don't think I could ever do that!


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  • My guess would be that if she slept with someone that soon after you broke up with her than things probably weren't going well anyway. She said she was depressed. She was probably just looking for company to help her cope. At least she was honest with you about it. Either way, you took her back. I think as long as she stops seeing the guy friend you should let it go. You obviously love her, try talking to her about it.

    Good luck.

    Side Note: If he did force himself upon her than maybe you could help her find someone to talk to about it. Most women that are sexually assaulted don't tell anyone or take action in fear that they won't be believed.


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  • Let it go, you broke up with her, she was probably desperate for something to boost her ego, make her feel better, help her get over you. She didn't cheat, I know it hurts, but it also hurt her that you broke up with her, so consider yourselves even and progress with the relationship in a fresh, positive start or it is not going to work out if you carry over bad feelings.

  • YES YOU CAN DEAL WITH IT. when depressed women usually like to be alone not bringing someone that liked her over for drinking and sex. and she's lying bout the "forceful" sex that's kindof obvious, he still her friend so she screwed him at the time just cause she could, and probably knew it would drive you insane if you found out about it. hope this helps, sorry if it was too straight forward but hey you need to know.


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  • You either can or cannot deal with this. Write down a list of facts. Not assumptions, not "it seems like", but facts. Fact: she had sex with this guy. Fact: you can never really know exactly why she decided to do it. Fact: you two are together now. Fact: there is nothing different about her if she has had sex with 1 or 1000 guys. And on and on. If you cannot get past what happened and be able to drop it it will eat away at you as long as you are with her. So, you either stay and drop it, or brood over it and leave. Not both.

  • Chris rock has a running joke that male friends to girls are a "d*** in a glass... break in case of emergency". She invited him over knowing he liked her, the "forced" sex can't be honest if she's still friends with him.

    Now yes, you did break up with her, but within 2 days she sleeps with someone else?!?! really?!? I couldn't get past that. I wish you a lot of luck bro, but you need to be really honest and can you deal with it?!

    Good luck

    • No I can't deal with it, that's the only thing I can't get past either. She's deeply in love with me, seemed like she can be faithful, was happy to be back with me, but while single that easy and fast? It's like I don't know her. LADIES, what do you think? I need you too!

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    • I think calling ity quits is the best move. But obviously its up to you mate. Best of luck, heart goes out to ya

    • I meant deal with it as to take charge of the situation, ands it doesn't matter what gender it is cause you sleep with a person after only 48 hrs. that's kindof a low blow either if its a guy or girl it's still wrong, and yes she knew it would drive him insane. and jopom if I was in the situation I would let her go.... people are saying well she did it because she was hurt,(BULL CRAP!!!!) so what's to say she won't do it again if you "hurt" her again? do you get what I'm saying

  • I do agree you need to let this one go. You did break it off with her.

    I don't buy the forceful story, its probably the only thing she could think to say. She was trying to deal with the break up, had a little to much to drink and did something she shouldnt have. That's why they are still friends.

    Its always a bad idea to use this method to coupe, but you did break up with her.