IS she doing good to me?

i am 19 and single. I never had any girlfriend and I have always been alone. boring and extra ordinarily nice towards girls. I think thats the reason girls dont find me interesting at all. The fact is that I am too much shy around girls as I dont have any expierence with girls , not even in friendship with them. I kinda make people laugh and I am not at all ugly. I was always told by few of the girls that I am interesting and funny, I could get any girl I want. I dont know how much truth lies in it.
So as you know now that I never got any girlfriend I was always more than happy whenever any girl would come up to me or talk [I dont thats despirate of me as you commited people will never understand the feelings of the 19 year old virgin with no expirence with girls ]. {I also feel that getting physically attracted to girls I see doesn't make me pervert as i never got one. And according to me its kinda nirmal for guy like me and situation like me}
So here I come to the main topic. Recently i found a girl online who seems to be interested in me and also flirts with me a little. I totally fall for her.. I really get mad when i can't get to talk to her. It really makes my dat when she talks to me. I blush whole day reading our messages for like hundreds of times. I never wanted to be creepy to her hence I always try to keep myself in control when I find her online , I never messed up with her at all. She also told me how she doesn't like to be in a relationship as she focuses on studies. She appeared as if she likes me. Off late I indirectly told her [online ] that I like her. I was so nervous and excited at that moment. But she never replied it. In fact she never bought up the topic at all. Me too never tried to ask her about it as I didn't want to piss her off. And the worst part is that she has reduced talking to me at all. She says that she has to sleep and again she seems online till 3-4 at night, If i try to ask her why she has no slep she either goes offline for me or ignores it,. I am really frustrated. Its not the first time it has happened to me. It always happens to me. Maybe thats the reason I always be single. I could change myself for getting a girlfriend but U dont know what should be changed. I am just frustrated due to it,,, Feeling like U have done with this life. Also people and also my parents think I might be gay as I never show others what I feel from inside and how badly I want someone, Does any of this make me gay at all?
IS she doing good to me?
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