Would you say he is just out to use me?

I met him on a bus. I was reluctant to talk an didn't much , I was with my mom so he got through to me that way. Then I seen that he is a charming funny kind of guy. Great personality an easy on the eye too.

I got his number as his battery died. We met three weeks back now on Halloween. I text him day after I went out on Halloween evening. We chatted he seemed lovely, an said he likes me etc.

I wanted to see him that week he said he was free Thursday defo , that day came but he was busy. Then another 3 times we tried to make plan he was far too busy. I got fed up an we did argue then he apologised an explained reasons for his schedule. I was understanding.

He is free today so I thought let's meet an go cinema or ice skating. He said he hates being outside doesn't really go out his house. Also that he hates cinema hasn't been in 5 years etc. I said ok cool what shall we do he said duno. He had no initiative to plan or do something.

Then asked me to borrow him £30 then changed it to £50 said he will pay me back Monday. I don't even have that much. It's for bills an savings. It is for football tomorrow an to go barbers. I said you expect so much we not even a couple 🙈 I've had s guy borrow money an not repay me. I seem to attract guys like this. As I am so kind an caring , they must think I am stupid too
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He then said well you had money to go cinema an ice skating just an now you saying you not got enough. Like how rude an disrespectful is that. He has done nothing to be their for me or support me in anyway but expects me to give him everything for free like I am a machine.
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I rang him just he put phone down but i did nothing wrong I know that he is one who is a user out for what he can get
Would you say he is just out to use me?
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