Guys, Is this guy into me? help please?

Okay so i started with my master in September and there is a guy i like (he is german so maybe their flirting behaviour is less aggressive but idk) and i like him and i am not sure if he likes me back. We have to do group projects and we are in the same group and we all get along great :)
I wanna know if he is into me, here are a few things i noticed:

-Intense eye-contact (not sure if he is doing that with everyone though)
-at uni at a corridor he was coming from the right site, i was coming from the left so we were facing each other and then both started smiling and then talked
-when we were working on a presentation for uni he crossed his legs and his knee was touching the edge of the table and when i put my hand on the touch pad of the laptop and "accidently" brushed his knee with my hand occasionally he did not move at all
-we (a study group of 4) were meeting a few times in my room for group work or pre-party and he always seemed pretty comfortable there, like we were sitting at a table and he just got up and sat onto the sofa and later he just laid in my bed (we were all there so nothing happened) and he always is the first one who says yes if i suggest meeting at my place although he lives right next to uni
- the first time after he saw where i live (super close to city center) he said a few times "oh when i am back from my exchange i also wanna get a flat close there, that region is so awesome"
-last week a female friend from abroad visited him and when he told me he just said an acquaintance is visiting me (we are native german speakers and the word for a female word is the same as for girlfriend so it seemed as he wanted to that i think they are together)
- yesterday we had to work together the whole day (from 14:00-00:00) and i saw that the background picture of his laptop is a girl and i told him that a friend of mine looks similar and he immediatelly said "oh i don't even know that girl on the picture it is just a photograph i like"
- but today a few hours ago he started a convo on facebook and after like half an hour or so i had to ask question to keep the conversation alive and at the end he did not even write back
Guys, Is this guy into me? help please?
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