Why does he seem flaky/disinterested?

Ever since we decided to slow things down, he comes off as disinterested, but he's not. He'll say something about spending time together, or says we'll have to try a certain restaurant together, but then he also seems disinterested (i. e. when referring to spending time together, he'll say something like, "I should be free tonight" or "maybe we can hang out tomorrow"). Nothing is set in stone.

We had plans tonight, and at 5 something he bailed on me saying he was going to go to a casino with his cousins, even though we already fucking decided earlier that day that we were going to spend time together. Yes, he said he 'should be free tonight,' but that's an indication that, yes, we are going to spend time together tonight. What is up with that?

He's a pretty nice guy with values, etc. so I'm wondering if he's not even thinking about his actions, but on second thought, I wonder if he thinks that since he has me he doesn't have to put much effort.

It's like, because we decided to take things slow, that he won't set any plans in stone because he doesn't want to feel obligated/tied down, etc.
Why does he seem flaky/disinterested?
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