Is this guy into me?

There's a guy that I've been getting to know, and I am wondering if he's sending me signals he's into me. Some of the signals include:
-Even though I was with a group of our friends/classmates, he asked me personally to get lunch with him.
-Our whole group of friends does dancing at different parties/events, and at a recent event, he wanted to try out new dance moves with me. He rubbed circles on my hands with his thumbs the whole time, and there was just a certain "vibe" during it. The next day he brought up about how we needed to continue improving our skills, and the day after he joked about how his life was boring before dancing with me. At a party two days ago, he found me when a certain song that we could dance to came on so that we could continue with our dancing.
-At that same party two days ago, I was talking to one of my friends and noticed my friend had texted me something funny. The guy came up and talked to us, and he said "Oh I don't think I have your number can you text me?" He also made a pact to take a shot with me (since I had never taken one before) but was super reassuring the whole time. When a group of us left with our DD (he was part of this group), my friend and I got dropped off at our building, and he said goodbye to us and watched us walk the few yards and make it inside. A couple minutes later, he texted me (but not the other girl) asking if I made it in alright, even though he literally saw me walk inside.

Does any of this mean anything? Or do you think he's just being very friendly?
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Is this guy into me?
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