What was the reason for his actions? (read description)?

I have a friend with whom I live with. We have had a past before and of course since we live around each other again it kind of sparked back up. I've always thought of us a friend's with benefits I guess because he doesn't commit but last night we all went out but I went home early. Him and a few others came in (including a girl with him) pretty late. It did upset me but I tried not to let it show. I made plans to go spend the night with this guy I like. He asked me where I was going and when I told him he flipped out and told me to move in with him. He just completely blew up when I said the guys name. I never left but he screwed that girl.. I don't know why he's acting like that..
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I would like an answer to my question.. Not more questions. And I love with him and his family. Not just him. It's my home.
What was the reason for his actions? (read description)?
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