Did I give him importance without knowing it?

Last week, we went to the movies, I brought him a milk cake because the day before I was baking with my brother. The day was so wonderful. Next day, he called me, telling me that he got the flu, I tried to cheer him up, and everything was good.

On Thursday, I called him, but I tried to contact him 3 times because he wasn't answering and I wanted to call him before I started to work, also, someone answered by him the first time, I started to doubt. Then he called back just when I started to work and I wanted to talk briefly, telling him that this week I was going to be on vacations cause Thanksgiving and that I am afraid to loving him more (he said that's why we need to know each other), then I wanted to call him back because my boss told me exactly the days which the long weekend will be, I wanted to call him joyful, but then I caught him sleeping (I work night shift, but I called him before midnight), I felt very sorry, but I just wanted to call him to know so maybe he could be happy.

On Saturday I called him, two times, the first one I was sent to mailbox, then I waited and I called him back, he answered but the signal was weak, so then I sent him a message to get better. He called me back, later that night, while I was watching a movie at home, then I told him after some talking that I remember when he assured me the day we decided to date, that he wasn't going to hurt me, and that I believe in him, but then he told me that I shouldn't idealize him. I didn't want to mean that, I told him, I wanted to say it because I don't want to have trusting issues with myself, and also because I wanted to cheer him up in everything.

Then yesterday, a family issue happened at home (about a dog instructor and how to educate our dog), I wanted to search opinions and possible solutions about it, so I decided to call him, but he didn't answered, then I decided to contact other people, friends.

I didn't want to contact him because of our relationship, but I am afraid that during this week I gave him more importance than he has, or that he thinks it, even he hasn't finished our calls with "I love you" like he used to.

I think that I messed it up, wanting to call him frequently thus making him feel bigger and making myself less. I think in not contacting him until he does it by his own (even though he has flu).

What do you think?
Did I give him importance without knowing it?
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