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So this afternoon after school, my friend and I keft to go buy food then walk back to school and on our way back to school, the guy I like was in the car and his brother was driving (his brother knows I like him) and they had to stop for us to cross the pedestrian crossing but as soon as I saw that it was the guy I like, I decided to stay on the path and not cross but my friend crossed. I was walking alone trying not to make eye contact cause when I first saw them, my crush and I looked at each other at the same time. When I was walking alone though, my crush's brother was looking at me and smiling/laughing... and I wasn't sure what that was meant to mean cause I'm pretty sure the guy I like said something to him and then that's when he started to look at me cause pretty much as soon as we looked at each other, that was when his brother started acting like that. My crush thinks I don't like him anymore too. Sorry if that was hard to understand!
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What did this mean?
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