TEXTING: How to tell if he likes you or if he's just being polite and friendly?

Right, so I'm looking for the answer to a question that's been confusing me for some time. I am currently texting this guy, and I am stumped as to whether he is replying becasue he likes me or becasue he's just being friendly.

We've text every day this week since we exchanged numbers on a night out.

He replies in long paragraphs.

He started the original conversation.

He asks me questions all the time about my life etc.

We have an ongoing joke about that night.

BUT here's where I start to doubt his motives... he has calmed down on the texting front. Although we still text everyday, this can often be a single reply, AND this single reply has started to become later each day... the previous landing just after midnight. However, given this, he still replies in long paragraphs and continues to ask me questions. He's mentioned that he works late, which I understand but I also know that he is online on facebook occasionally throughout the day.

Therefore my question is, given everything above, how would I know if he was replying because he likes me, or because he is just being polite. I mean I get the hint he does like me, but the words have never been said or suggested. When I suggested I was annoying him becasue our texts were so long (which he started by the way), he denied this and claimed it was because he needs my help with familiarising himself with the state that I live in, which he happens to be moving to next month. Is this a genuine reason, or a reason just to talk to me?
TEXTING: How to tell if he likes you or if he's just being polite and friendly?
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