How to move on?

I am 22 and me and this guy have had drama and we never dated. I meet him when I was 19 he was 28. He always knew that I liked him but he played on these emotions, anyways a lot of things went on. Another girl came into the picture and I welcomed her in. Next things I found out they had sex and it has always been he said she said kinda thing on who chased who. Anways I kept my cool because I wanted to ask him some things but I guess he was to coward to answer them. I stop contacting him for a while but he continued to contact me but I never answered but he called me from an unknown number 3 months ago. he was being pushy and demanind our friendship back but I said no and he had the never to say STOP ANSWERING HIS text message. We did have some good conversation but he stil kept not answering some questions and acting like he does not know who the girl is and sayingshe stalkig him. HE SAID THAT HE STILL LIKE ME BUT I FEEL LIKE ITS ALL BS. One night after talking I decided not to talk to him and stop talking to him. He called me one month later!!! but I did not answer, a week later I decided to just change my number because every time he contacted me I would just feel pain and hatred towards him. He would tell me very nice things like calling be beautiful and a doll. and that he doesn't deserve me and if we dated he was scared that I would end up being unfaithful. I just got tired of him. Today I saw the girl posted a picture and she ( she 20 years old) said it was her boyfriend. How can I move on and be healed and is it possible that he does/did like me?
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How to move on?
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