What's normal for a guy to expect in a relationship?

I'm feeling so lost as to what should be given and taken in a relationship. My boyfriend of 2 years is from outside the country and struggles with English issues and I try to help him with some translating or whenever he needs help as well as with housework and stuff. I'm 23 and he's 31. He's very smart but his issue is that he thinks I'm stupid for not knowing how to fix issues soemtimes that come up for him (and us) and that I'm not curious enough or push to learn. (i. e legal issues with his car accident, how to do certain things, business reacted stuff, etc, here in the U. S for example)
He's shouting as to what benefit does he get from being with me? Saying why should he love me if I don't bring anything that will make his future better. He always tells me I should know more considering I was born here and he wasn't. It's not enough that I'm a student. I do help but he says he shouldn't have to ask so much and it should be something I naturally do since I should know better how my country works and help him. He says if the roles were reversed and I were in his country he would be doing way more for me. He tells me I need to be more "on fire" We've been on an off for a while now due to him getting "sick of me" and then confusing me when he comes back and says he won't find someone as good as me. Or acting as if a fight never happened. He sometimes gets so angry that he's been sort of physically pushy.
I feel so useless and stupid and ignorant for not knowing how to solve problems. He insults me with every horrible word you can think of and said he wanted me to get out of the car today. (I didn't)

I'm worried I may be being selfish. I really want to make him happy. We had so many big plans for the future and he's said he wanted to have a baby but now I don't know if the plans will happen. I don't know how to tell the difference anymore if I'm not doing enough or if he's asking for too much? What's normal for guys to expect?
What's normal for a guy to expect in a relationship?
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