What the hell is he thinking?

so I met this guy, let's call him T. We've been hooking up for over 8 months now. He was the one who said we should keep things casual, since he's not looking for a relationship. I agreed. But recently, I've noticed he started acting differently when we're together, and we got closer too.
Anyway this past weekend we ended up at a club for a mutual friend's birthday. I had no idea T was there, but later in the night his brother (who I've never met before) walked up to me and toasted me. Tonight I found out T almost started a fight with one of my close male friends, who I spent a lot of time with that night. Since that night, T and I haven't spoken, but he's been unusually active on social networks - to the point where it's obvious that he's trying to send a message across.
So what do you make of this? I do like this guy but I honestly have no idea what he wants.
What the hell is he thinking?
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