Does he like me, or is he just being nice?

I have had a major crush on this guy for the last seven months or so, but I still wonder if he likes me back or not. We met last year in high school and we were in a class together. We got to talking when we were put in the same group for a project and we really clicked. Since then, we talked nearly every day in class. We would joke around sometimes, and we woudl talk about school and things we were both interested in, and this one time he even complimented my outfit. He did nice things for me, too. He lent me his notes from class when I was out one day, and he even gave me his old copy of a book I needed for school (to keep).

When he graduated, we followed each other on Twitter and he asked me for my phone number so that we could keep in touch since he was going far away for college. We texted a few times throughout the summer and into the fall, but very infrequently. There were usually week or month-long gaps between when we would talk (could he still like me if we don't talk every day or even every week?). We both initiate conversations (it's pretty even), and we typically text each other at night. We don't talk about anything too deep, but we'll joke about stupid things we've done, or we'll talk about what's been going on in our lives/families. And I have a really self-deprecating sense of humor, but whenever I make a joke at my own expense, he'll always come back with a compliment or something like "You don't give yourself enough credit" or "I doubt you could ever be (whatever negative adjective I used)."

So... yeah. I just have no idea if he's into me or not and it's really driving me crazy. Some days I'm certain he likes me, other days I'm clueless.
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Also, when I tried to tell him how I felt about him (this was in person, before he graduated), I don't really know if he understood what I meant. We were talking, and he was saying that he'd really like my phone number so we could keep in touch because he thought I was "so cool." So it was hard to get out what I was trying to say. I ended up saying something like "I really like you, and I love talking to you," and stuff like that. But I don't think he got that I meant I had feelings for him...
Does he like me, or is he just being nice?
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