Does he like me or her?

There's this guy I'm confused about he stares at me and copies my words and actions. He also has tried to bump into me in the hall ways, he makes it obvious and sometimes when he sees me in the morning before class his eyes get wide and he starts walking over to me so I walk to the bathroom really fast as he comes over cus I think he likes this other girl I think he likes her so much that when I catch him staring I give him dirty looks cus I wonder why he looks at me when he likes her and he looks down and sighs like he doesn't like me not wanting to make eye contact w/him. I even caught him looking at my chest once. The girl is not his girlfriend either. But there's this girl that he leaves with after class, it's him , her and this guy he waits for her to get her stuff and they all 3 leave together no she's not his sister and he forgot what he was saying twice when he looked at her so I think he likes her not me but he only stuttered while look at her twice not at the same time just two different times. So does he like me or her?
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Oh he also stares at me when I'm not looking.
Does he like me or her?
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