Guys, does he like me back?

On Saturday, my crush and I began texting each other on Facebook. It was going so well (in my mind) but most of the time we talked he'd give short replies so I had to ask questions to keep our conversation going. He would still give some replies that aren't short. We talked till last night, not non stop though, but we'd reply a couple of minutes after and carry on with the conversation and sometimes he'd reply quickly. He was really nice to me and whenever we see each other in person, him and most of his friends he was with would stare at me? His brother stares at me heaps too for some reason. It was all going well until yesterday, he told his friends about us talking (and I asked him about it and he told me he just told his close friends) and then this one girl asked me if I like talking to him and then she told me that he said that it's annoying cause I ask too many questions so then I apologised to him and then he said Yeh ok. and then I asked him how his day was and then he said good and after 4 days of us talking to each other, he eventually said he had to go but he said it as "Sorry I gtg can't talk sorry" he said sorry twice :) DOes he like me? Because him, his friends and his brother stare at me heaps? It also seems as if he tries to make me a bit jealous with other girls... so why does he act like this?
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Guys, does he like me back?
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