The real reason why "nice guys finish last"?

I constantly see guys talking about how girls are hypocrites because we say we want nice guys, but then go for the jerks.
but we are not hypocrites, we really do want nice guys! the reason we tend to friendzone the extremely nice guys is because some of you are just too bland. there is nothing we appreciate more then a caring, considerate, and loving gentleman, but we also like a challenge. that doesn't mean you should be a jerk though, we dont actually take jerks seriously. but just be a little mysterious and spontaneous while also showing how nice you are. i rarely genuinely like anyone but there is seriously nothing that drives me more insane then a nice guy who is a challenge. the type that is helpful and a gentleman, but doesn't seem so eager to be with me. the type i have to win over.
so dont try to change and be a jerk, continue being a nice guy Nothing beats a nice guy, show her your nice side but dont be TOO nice unless the girl deserves it, be somewhat of a challenge (but dont play stupid little games either, just show her that you are worth her time and that you won't just always be doing her favors while she takes you for granted)
and while im talking about this, i might as well also mention another topic im constantly seeing. "why do the pretty girls only go for good looking guys even though they say they prefer a nice personality?" if you are so concerned about what the pretty girls are doing, YOU may be the shallow one. we do prefer a nice personality over an extremely attractive guy, but you have to be at least a LITTLE attractive to us! and if you keep complaining about how confused pretty girls are, you may not be such a nice guy after all.
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im not asking a question, im just sharing some of my female knowledge with you aha because im always seeing the same questions on here. i only put a question mark at the end because it is required
The real reason why "nice guys finish last"?
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