Does he have feelings for me deeper than friendship?

I have been friends with this guy for 15 years and we have always been close.

Up until 2 years ago he was the kind of guy who would always be in a relationship (by that I mean he would wait a respectable period of time [depending on how the previous relationship ended] before going on to the next) but for some reason he has stopped looking and been single ever since.

I want to say that maybe I might be overthinking this but I think he has feelings for me deeper than friendship but whenever I start to think that he will either say or do something that makes me think I'm way over my head thinking he likes me more than that.

For example: he'll hold my hand in public... we went on an impromptu day trip to London once and he paid for my train ticket. Throughout the train journey he held my hand, laid his head on me, put his arm around me the works... then next minute he'll say something along the lines of "when I get a girlfriend we can't hold hands" and it completely kills the mood of comfort.

Another time he walked me to work and on the subject of sex I talked about how I don't really like sex and then he says something like "you wouldn't be saying that with me" (in a joking way I should add) but once I reached my workplace he hugged me and said "one day I'll be getting a girlfriend, marry her and have kids and we'd probably wouldn't be this close" out of nowhere!

When we are out together shopping he would give me his bank card and tell me to buy what I want. If I point out what would suit him he would buy it. When I look at him sometimes he brushes the hair out of my eyes.
When he meets my girlfriends he tells them he would do anything for me and that I am a lovely girl.
Does he have feelings for me deeper than friendship?
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