Does he sound like player/fuckboy?

There's this guy I like, he's kinda quiet but he isn't like silent or anything. He's on the football team but he's never dated anyone before. His friend is a fuckboy and he's also on the football team. he usually stares at me a lot, he smiles at me, he has the same sense of humor as me, he teases me sometimes, he ignores when a girl is flirting and he's staring at me. Once it seemed like he was gonna approach me but it looked like he got nervous and walked away, but after that he smiled at me, and his face was a little red. His friends also act weird around me, and his best friend was like messing with him and they were looking torwards me. Also, when he first noticed me, he had a face kinda like ๐Ÿ˜ณ. I thought his face was kinda weird because I was just saying excuse me to get somewhere, once he got really close to me like he wanted to "accidentally" touch me or something. He also teased me a lot (in a playful way, I was trying to talk to someone, but he kept moving his head in the way and he was mimicking me, mimicks me a lot, kept walking in the way when I was trying to get around him?

Do those actions sound like a player at all?
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What are ways you can figure it out?
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Am I overthinking?
Does he sound like player/fuckboy?
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