He's likes me more than a friend but we're not even friends?

Okay so I'll summarise the main points.

There's this guy who I hardly talk to, other than once which was for general study help.

Then after a month he started staring during lessons, even my friends noticed. He then started making excuses and said stuff like u don't need that ( I wore a plastic gloves during a chem practical) and I said I kno but i'm extra.

Then this different guy was flirting with me and that guy stared and said don't worry he's like that to everyone.

Once, I was in the same table as the guy who flirted and we started talking, the other guy butted in. So if I asked the flirty guy a question, he'd reply instead...
The guy who I think fancies me started talking about animals I just smiled and looked down. He looked for a few seconds then shutted up.

Recently, he had headphones on and said morning. I smiled and went to my male friend and showed him my stuffs. Then he tried talking to me asking me what's that for? Then he took his headphones off and sat next to my male friend. He asked who's that, he said its hers personal statement. He skimmed it and said you made it, u did 47 lines which is the limit.

Like or nah?
He's likes me more than a friend but we're not even friends?
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