Guys, Did he ghost on me?

I was talking to a guy long distance that I met through an online dating site. We hit it off well and responded to each other every day and then I waited a week or so to hit him up again. We exchanged social media usernames (including Facebook) and we talked almost every day. There was one day that I was asking him random questions and I asked him to describe himself in three words and it took him two days to respond with "mysterious, calm, hurt' and i gave him my answers. After that, he kind of started slowing down in responding.

The next time I hit him up, I asked to video chat and he said he would set it up, but it never happened. I waited a few days and asked him if he was free that day because I wanted to chat with him and he didn't respond. But it was awkward because while he didn't respond, he was liking my instagram post and watching my snapchat videos every time I post and it's been about a week since I messaged him. Also, the day that I asked, i saw all weekend he's been drinking and going to tattoo conventions.

I know he said he chose 'mysterious' because he doesn't really open up much to people unless they're friends and family, but i don't think I said much to make him want to disappear. Why would he ghost on me?

Additional info: This guy mentioned on his instagram that he has servere anxiety and depression issues and is keeping away from Instagram and Facebook for a while.
Guys, Did he ghost on me?
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