Does He Like Me?

There is this guy, i dont really know him and i dont talk to him, but i have noticed he stares at me a lot and I did catch him staring a couple of times and we both smiled. So yesterday, I went to sit with his friend (a girl) because I am friends with her. I gave her a hug and then he asked me for a hug and I did hug him too and he said "I don't think I have ever hugged you before" and I said no we haven't. He then moved to where I was sitting and we talked... he asked to teach him my language and I did and he taught me his too.
Today, I decided to sit with them again and he moved from his original sit to come sit next to me and some1 actually stole his sit ( he was pretty mad from the looks of it)

I went outside the class to get a drink and when I came in I saw him sitting on my chair, so I grabbed another chair instead and sat next to him. We talked a lot again👌

I told him I was going to McDonald's and he said he was gonna go with me and I was like sure, so we walked... And I got him and myself food. When we finished eating he asked me if it was okay for him to walk me and I was like SURE but in a low key way. He walked me home and it was fun but we didn't hug... ? I Guess we were both scared..

Just friends?
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+1 y
So today he talked to me about how he used to like me before and I was surprised because I didn't think I was likeable... So I was like WHY YOU LYING TO ME blah blah
And he said I look beautiful today🙋🙆🙎🙏
+1 y
I was with my galfrend and I was helping him with his stuff. He then asked her if she knew we were both dating but I didn't go along with it...
Should I just go along with it?
Does He Like Me?
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