What is this guys deal?

Ok so I recently hit it off very well with a guy I just met. We had really great chemistry. He said that her broken up with his girlfriend because they basically had gotten bored with each other. So we've been talking for about 1 month now & planning things. So he hits me up yesterday saying," I don't think think we're going to be able to talk anymore" randomly.
I was nervous and freaking out. He finally answers & basically says ,"My ex is coming back into my life." I was like what do you mean? He said," like getting back together." At this point I feel so stupid for getting sucked in. I said ohhhh & he asked how I feel. Since something similar has happened to me before I say that I feel numb because it's happened before. He says," You're making me feel really bad." In my head I'm thinking," You should feel bad because if you still had feelings for your ex why would you string me along?" I end up telling him," I'll just get over it." This is someone I'm used to talking to day & night & now I can't speak to them anymore. I feel so bad.
What is this guys deal?
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