Is it a good thing if a guy smiles and looks in your eyes when you speak to him?

So there's this guy he's in my school not in my year he's in the one above. We had never spoken I liked him about 3 years I used to look at him a lot. My friend asked him if he like me and he said no but we didn't know each other. That was 2 years ago.Last year one of my friends knew someone who had his number we spoke for that day. Then I never text him again. 4 months later he texted me hey I didn't think he saved my number but asked me about my friend then after we started speaking through text a lot then asked about her again only her age I think he was joking he didn't ask again after. He replies most of the time uses smileys all the time. We spoke 7weeks 2-3 times a week could last up to 3 hours up to summer we stopped texting cos he didn't reply and I gave up then Christmas eve decided to wish him merry Christmas now were back texting. We had never spoken to school . So I decided I had to talk to him before its too late I knew he wouldn't first so I just walked up to him saying

Hi I think I said it quiet at first then I said it again louder. Then

he was like hi smiling. I said to him then how are you?

he said I'm fine thank you. how are you? I'm alright. then I said what class you got

next he said English I was like oh I got double french. He was like french? I said yeah. then he said in my class were just watching movie. At that point we got near near the lockers then I said see you later and he said the same. I noticed he didn't stop smiling when I spoke to him. what does all this mean? I'm a shy girl liking a quiet guy my friend doesn't think he's been with many people and been single long. what do you think about all this?
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Does he like me?
Is it a good thing if a guy smiles and looks in your eyes when you speak to him?
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