This dream guy seems to like me.. But there's no way- he's too perfect?

He could get any girl he wanted. he's perfect, talk has 6-packs hazel eyes brown skinned dimples and curly hair. He's not that he's suave (he's a little awkward) but he has the looks. Random girls fall over him. His friends likes me and tried to flirt but I'm not as "pretty" as he is. He really liked me wh n I was younger. He would ask questions about me and get jealous and try to make me jealous. We never spoke to each other. I was shy. He would blush and look away. He left for school and came back with a girlfriend. When I walked into the room he wouldn't stop staring. Then he introduced his girlfriend to me and my dad. I had a poker face on. So I moved on. Then I heard he broke up with his girlfriend. I saw him yesterday and he was acting weird. He came over with his brother and my dad. He was laughing really hard even though it wasn't that funny. He was smiling a lot and blushing. He checked me out and said goodbye to me when I left. Wth?
Only in your dreams. He doesn't like you.
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Dang girl he's lookin' he's attracted at least
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Yeah he likes u😉
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+1 y
Do u think he lik s me just because I ignore him. There's another girl he asked out in middle school and she refused. But he doesn't bother her. So maybe I should acknowledge his presence and see if he really likes me. Then I'll know it's more than because I ignore him
This dream guy seems to like me.. But there's no way- he's too perfect?
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