This shy guy reaction is weird / crush?

Okay so there's this guy who I think haf a crush on me. I thought of an idea.. I realised girls assume guys like them but maybe if I talk to him my mind coukd clarify whether he just wanna be mates or more.

So today I said morning, he replied. Then asked about whether I did coursework I said yes but then oh I got three questions to do. He said come on here let's do it together. I sat down and he helped me.. then when I got up and sat to my original place opposite him, he glanced at me a couple of times as if he wanted to say more.

When I went into lesson another dude was talking to me and I was smiling, talking and the other dude looked at me again as of he might be jealous. Then when we went to the library I was talking to my friend. I heard him looking and saying summt to me, so I said what? He said oh nuffin I just said I put all my work in my USB I was like ok...

My friend was confused with a question. . I said oh **** helped me with this question, he looked back at me.
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Any one please gimme adviceee
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Apperently my friend said he glanced at you and turned red once
This shy guy reaction is weird / crush?
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