How to get a spouse to not be so quick to jump to conclusions?

My fiance travels quite a bit for work, which means a lot of our conversations have to be fullfilled via text.

Obviously, text messages always opens the door for miscommunication or misunerstandings.

Once in a while, I'll text something in conversation that he immediately takes the wrong way and jumps to conclusions... and then shuts down/pouts/gets short. He'll never actually tell me if I've done something wrong, but I can tell when his texting response suddenly changes... or he'll say things like "nevermind. it's not important." I try to go on and act normal because I don't want to support his pouting.

How can I encourage healthier communication from him when he misinterprets a text? I don't want to make him feel like his feelings aren't valid or that he's wrong for feeling upset if he's assumed I did something... but I want to be able to clear up what he thinks I meant vs what I actually meant.

I can't always control how he interprets my body language or how I say things, and it gets really frustrating that he always jumps to the wrong conclusion. It doesn't happen often, but when it does... it's hard. I don't like to be viewed as the bad guy if I haven't done anything wrong.

What are some ways I can address this sort of behavior coming from him, that doesn't make it sound like he has no right to be upset?
How to get a spouse to not be so quick to jump to conclusions?
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