Men 35+, any advice for his behavior?

I will try to keep this short. The man I have been seeing since February nformed me that he was going home to England for the holidays for 3 weeks. I expressed that I would miss him. This past Sunday, we spent the day together. Brunch. Shopping. Dinner. Before we parted, he said we would see eachother on Tuesday night. On Tuesday, we talked a couple of times on the phone while I was at my office. Once in the morning, and then again in the late afternoon. After one hour on the phone, we ended our conversation at 5pm, so I could wrap up at the office. We agred that I go to his place after work. I wrapped up my work and left the office at 7pm. I usually leave at 630pm and it takes 20 - 30 minutes to get to his place. Last night, I left at 7pm. I pulled up to his place at 722pm and I receive a text from him at the same time that said "Went to play basketball. I will call you later." Huh? So, I called. No answer. Then, I texted that just parked outside his place. He responded "I didn't know what time you were coming. I will call you later." I was pissed. But, I did not text that I was pissed. I went home and waited. He never called. He never texted. His flight left for England at 6am, this morning. What the f*%k! No bye. During his 3 weeks away, in addition to the holidays, it is my birthday.
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Please share regardless of age, I added "35+" because he is 37.
Men 35+, any advice for his behavior?
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