Did he have no game or was he simply playing me?

I go to a ski trip with a couple of guys. We make a pit stop to get some food and use the bathroom, i come out the bathroom and this guy Eddy is staring at my legs. I look at him and he looks at me and smiles and i just smile back and didn't pay attention to that. On the last day of ski trip since i never snowboard before he was helping me out thats when i started to catch feelings for him. He would held me by my waist and grab my thigh. He had the patience to help me and he has road rage. He wasn't annoyed or irritated as i was struggling to learn how to snowboard. you know how in those pictures couples be taking when the girl is in front but the guy is in the back and he's holding her hand I was leading the way and holding on to the pole while he was in the back controlling the speed and stopping, he's really strong to be able to stop and hold my weight man. I could not go through that trial all by myself I would have to get rescue by ski patrol.

He was with me through every second and even ski patrol asked if we were good and he was like yeah she's fine don't worry. When I was grabbing the pole I would have the strap around my wrist and I would hold on told the pole but my hands would usually slipped and the pole was still attach to my wrist. I would fall as usual and get back up but I saw how red my wrist were it didn't hurt but he saw it and was like are you okay are you not able to grab on to the pole since it's hurting your wrist I was gonna say it's all good.

He was staring at me I was going to take my pants off since I have leggings underneath and put sweats on top but nah I'll do it later. I asked them if they could drop me off at denver and if not just drop me off at my friends house that's 5 mins away. Ricky was like it's all up to eddy he's been driving a lot and eddy said he'll drop me off to denver. He was like you want me to help you take out your stuff. I was like no it's okay can you pop the trunk. I told him thank you for everything and I said his name cause you know. He left. I just found out that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Did he like me, was he playing games, or was he too afraid to make a move on me?
Did he have no game or was he simply playing me?
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