Why doesn't he like me? Have I done something wrong?

I mean I am shy... Maybe he thinks I'm a snob?
What is wrong with him?
How do u interpret his hot and cold manner?
Sometimes he acknowledges me... Other times he just looks down or away... ?

So my neighbour works at my gym... I bump into him every now and then...

Sometimes he seems shy and will smile and say hello... Other times he will look at me and then look away when we make eye contact... Sometimes when I bump into him in the lift we will have a little chat and he will be friendly and nice... Then today when I saw him at the gym he walked straight past me and didn't acknowledge me... But I only saw him last week and he was friendly in the lift... I don't understand?

It's just weird tho cos sometimes his voice gets kinda funny when he talks to me... Like he's nervous... And I've caught him checking me out...

I'm so confused! I dont know where I stand with him... Is he bipolar?

Or or have I freaked him out so he's avoiding me? Have I done something wrong?
Why doesn't he like me? Have I done something wrong?
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