Boyfriend oggling? Should I bitch to him about it?

I'm not normally the type to bitch and generally try to keep quiet to maintain peace. We have been together for a year and have never had a fight. However, my boyfriend's oggling has been really starting to bother me. Sometimes, he will do it right in front of me like I don't notice. At one occasion, I have seen a very pretty lady pop up on a screen at a cooking show at a party my boyfriend and I were attending. He stared at her and walked right over to the TV to keep staring, right in front of me and our friends. My friends and I know him well enough that he was not interested in that cooking show, but rather the woman. It was a bit embarassing.

He even has an app dedicated for images of hot, half-naked women.
He will always tell me about all these hot ladies he notices or if he sees a jogging woman, he will always point out her bouncing breasts. While I appreciate him telling me these things, I'd rather if he was more private and respectful about it.

Like many women out there, I am insecure. I try not to be jealous but it hurts my feelings at the same time since I choose not to oggle at other men, especially not in front of my boyfriend because I respect my man. I've heard about those dreamy men who are so in love that they only have eyes for their woman. I just wish my boyfriend could be like that but maybe I should just snap back to reality.

Is he being disrespectful or am I just overreacting? Am I wrong for being upset about this?
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Sorry for the spelling mistake, I meant ogle, not oggle.
Boyfriend oggling? Should I bitch to him about it?
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