My ex boyfriend started ignoring me for no reason?

I met a guy on New Years Eve and I instantly knew he was the one for me, when I seen him walk into the room I was like wow <3.
I was seeing a girl (I'm bisexual) at the time I met this guy. I didn't really care about the girl but I cared a lot for him. After going on several dates with him the girl made me choose, it was either him or her. I 100% wanted him but she made me feel so uncomfortable and I felt forced to be with her. I felt very intimidated and threatened by her, I chose her at the time because of the situation. When I was alone I had a good think and I dumped her within 4 days of dating her. I didn't like her, I was not attracted to her and I simply just wanted him.
I explained everything to him, he was very understanding and then we started dating. I was suffering with really bad depression, I tried explaining it to him but he just didn't understand. After 2 weeks of dating him I asked whether we could be in a open relationship and he instantly assumed I wanted to sleep with other people. This was not the case, I just simply wanted an open relationship due to my depression; it made sense at the time. He then started ignoring me when I tried speaking to him, I then found out he had been bad mouthing me to his friends. I ended the relationship after 3 weeks.
A few months later we talked, I explained that I ended it due to depression. I'm still not 100% fixed but the depression isn't that bad anymore. I told him I am ready for a relationship and I only wanted to be with him.
We then started hanging out again, I slept at his house a few times; I really enjoyed spending time with him. We was getting really close and this time I could feel myself completely falling for him. The last time I went to his I went home the next day (we was completely fine) and since then he's refusing to talk to me. Its been 5 months now, I honestly didn't do anything wrong to him.
I want to get him to speak to me again but he's refusing to. Any suggestions in what I can do?
My ex boyfriend started ignoring me for no reason?
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