Do anyone find this weird?

Okay, according to my friends I do overthink. We've been together for more than one years. My boyfriend was cheated on in the past by his ex and he was very scar from it. Because of that it takes a long time for him to gain trust from me. I don't see him coming across as a cheater especially we had conversations regarding cheating and he's very against it. There were few times where I thought he's cheating and I found out it was nothing. However, I don't know why there are things here and there that makes me think he might be cheating.

First, he used to shave his private area during the first month of our relationship. He stopped for almost 2 years and then couple weeks ago, he randonly started to shave again. I asked him wow, you're shaving again randomly and he just told me jokingly that he looked and realize it was bushy. It could be that he's shaving for me. He's also lasting longer in bed. Usually that happens when he's on the second round but we haven't had sex for 2 days. But I don't know if it's because he drank alcohol/smoked weed. Lastly, the weird thing was, he threw his towel from the hanger in the washer and replaced it with a fresh clean towel. He didn't shower and he wasn't even planning to shower so why did he even take the towel and toss it in the washer? and replace it with a clean one?

Signs are saying something is weird, but once again, I am someone who tends to overthink. I've also suspected couple times he's been cheating but I was proven wrong. Help.
Do anyone find this weird?
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