Help! Is he into me or am I reading too far into it?

So, I know that this question is asked a lot, but I'd really love to see others opinions.
There's this guy, and recently he transfered into one of my AP classes (purely due to schedule change) and things have been pretty strange with him.
When I walked in on the day he transfered, I saw him pretty quickly and when he saw me, he turned around and pretty much watched me walk in. Stopped dead in the middle of a conversation, and watched me. As the months have gone on, at least three times a class I will catch him glancing at me, to which he immediately glances away. His legs and feet always either mimick me, or are pointed in my direction. He also ALWAYS sits in a place where he'd be facing me. If our classroom is split in groups, his desk will always be facing towards the group I typically sit with. He does this at lunch as well. (I will catch him glancing at me from across the lunch room) He also seems to stand pretty close to me when given the chance. A few weeks ago he and I, along with his friend and my friend, were grouped to stand in front of the class. While the teacher talked, he leaned towards me on a foot he recently had injured, and he was close to the point that I could feel his breath down my arm. If I text him asking for homework or whatever, he'll respond no matter what (even if its the next morning because I texted late), but we don't text a lot otherwise. Recently his friends have begun to tease him and become friendly with me. Kids I rarely talked to are now talkative and like to play around with me, and if he's helping me with math as he sometimes does, they take pictures of us. He also has seemed to become more flustered around me, and just today I complimented him about something he said in class, and he got stuttery and flustered. Every time I talk to him, actually, he does this, and can't make eye contact for a long time. He never acts this way around other girls, so I have to wonder, is he into me, or am I just reading too much into
Help! Is he into me or am I reading too far into it?
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